to add be real widget share uh widget just tap and hold until uh yeah on your home screen where you want to add this widget your app start to jiggle in the top left or top right tap on the plus icon and then uh you just need to search for be real and so you obviously need to have real app installed and you need to yeah just create your account and then just this is widget moji this is a new update which will help to spike this app in the top charts and your friends reacting with real module on your home screen uh so that's basically it and then you can just tap to add widget um and there you have it so now you should see uh if you tap it will open your burial account but you will see all the real modes uh from your burial so that's basically it so for example this is a noted widget so similar app in this category or the wrist locket widget where you can just take a photo and this photo will instantly appear on your friend's home screen if they added a widget so that's kind of similar with be real um sorry for all this app so there you have it so yeah try this widget widget emoji uh feature it's really cool uh yep i was just wondering like why be real app is in the top charts but that was like hey because like locket widget unloaded widget uh vgr apps are all went viral and now you really introduced this so it's pretty amazing so the real app actually what this is about you just need to submit one photo per day each day and you just receive a notification to submit a photo and then you just send to your friend can see it so yeah

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