How to add best friends in SnapChat?

Snapchat offers a feature that allows users to add best friends to their account, making it easier to connect with them. To add best friends in Snapchat, you need to have a Snapchat Plus subscription. Follow these steps to add best friends to your Snapchat account:

  1. Subscribe to Snapchat Plus: To access the feature that allows you to add best friends, you need to have a Snapchat Plus subscription.
  2. Pin Your Best Friend: Once you have subscribed to Snapchat Plus, you can pin your best friend as your number one best friend. This feature makes it easy to identify and connect with your closest friends on the platform.
  3. Tap and Hold: To add a best friend, go to your friend's profile and tap and hold on their name. This action will prompt the option to pin them as your best friend.
  4. Limit to Two Best Friends: You can only have two best friends in the top section of your Snapchat account. This limit helps you prioritize and quickly access your closest connections.
  5. Filter Best Friends: You can filter your best friends list, making it easier to navigate and connect with them on Snapchat. Use the search function to find and manage your best friends.
  6. Best Friend Suggestions: Snapchat may generate best friend suggestions based on your interactions on the platform. However, note that there are limitations on adding best friends if you have never interacted with them before.

In conclusion, adding best friends in Snapchat is a convenient way to stay connected with your closest companions on the platform. By following these steps and utilizing the features offered with Snapchat Plus subscription, you can easily manage and connect with your best friends on Snapchat.

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