How to add Binance widget on iPhone?

hello so here is iphone so i just tap until these things are start to shake and then i can just add finance widget here there are different widget sizes and different types of widget first this one is crypto list track crypto prices for the last 24 hours then you receive bigger size and the receiving bigger six assets then you can uh add a favorite keep track of your favorite trading bar pairs even more even bigger and that's basically it if you want to add coinbase you can also add coinbase widgets they also have like crypto news widget or something like that um but here for example i can just do this and then i can just easily track bitcoin price on my phone so that can be super helpful and just easy i can just tap and then it opens the finance app i can also edit widget which is nice uh let's see what i can add it here so i can just easily change the coins so not only bitcoin but for example i want to track polygon so something like that um yep so that's the idea

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