How to ADD BIO in WIZZ app?

in this video I'm trying to figure out how to add bio into this app so I just tap on my profile and here I see my bio but it's it's not clickable I can't edit it so and I just tap on edit button um so yeah then it's also again now since I can still edit it so then I just have settings in the top right I can see a location Edge username um um and yeah for some reason it's it's a bit hidden like I don't know why uh and seems like the buyer is just it's just your photos and there is no like text bio so if you want to add bio you just uh um so you can add something like this uh that's your bio so there is no like specific uh option to uh uh yeah because yeah this app is very Visual and nobody's gonna go to your profile and read your buy or anything like that so there is no buy it just says buyers it's a bit misleading I agree but there you have it uh so yeah I hope it can be helpful and yeah thank you for watching

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