How to add blocked words in YouTube comments?

As a content creator on YouTube, managing your comments section is an essential task. YouTube provides various tools and options to make the comments section more secure and clean, and one such option is adding blocked words. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to add blocked words in the YouTube comments section.

Firstly, open the YouTube app and go to the video on which you want to add blocked words. Tap on the 'Comments' section, and if you are logged in as the creator of the video, you will see a gear wheel icon on the top right corner of the screen. Tap on the gear wheel icon, and it will open the settings menu for comments.

In the settings menu, you will find the 'Blocked Words' section. This section allows you to add any words or phrases that you want to block in the comments section. If you find any spam accounts or inappropriate comments containing specific words, it's best to add them to the 'Blocked Words' section.

When you add a word to the 'Blocked Words' section, all existing comments containing that word will be hidden for review, and future comments containing or closely matching those words will be held for review too. Plus, the live chat messages containing or closely matching blocked words will be blocked.

Moreover, YouTube also ensures that the blocked words are not allowed in the description, clips, or your videos and live streams. This way, you can maintain a clean and secure channel, and your viewers will appreciate your efforts.

In addition to adding blocked words, you can also block links and modify comments as per your requirements. You can customize the comment section settings to ensure that only appropriate comments are visible.

In conclusion, adding blocked words is a straightforward and effective way of managing your comments section on YouTube. With the ability to block spam accounts, inappropriate comments, and live chat messages, YouTube ensures a clean and secure environment for content creators and viewers alike. So start using this feature today and make your channel a safe and welcoming place for your viewers.

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