To add family members to YouTube Premium, you first need to upgrade to YouTube Family. If you are already using YouTube Premium, you can go to the YouTube app on your desktop (note that this is not available on mobile) and navigate to "purchases and membership." From there, you can select the option to upgrade to the family plan. Confirm the purchase and you're all set.

On the desktop version of YouTube, you will see a button labeled "get family plan" when you go to "purchases and memberships." Simply click on this button to proceed. Unfortunately, the option to upgrade to the family plan is not available on the mobile app for some reason.

Once you have the family plan, you can add other family members by setting up your family group. As the family group manager, you have the authority to invite and remove members. You can invite up to five family members to join your group by entering their email addresses in the "invite family members" section of the "purchases and membership" tab. Each invited member will receive an email notification.

As the family member manager, you also have the ability to make changes such as removing family members, changing your payment method, canceling a paid membership, and more. This can all be done through Google Groups, which is not only used for YouTube but also for various other applications.

Additionally, if you have been invited to join a family group rather than being the manager, you can join or leave the group accordingly. Google Groups provides the flexibility for members to manage their involvement in family plans.

In conclusion, by following these steps, you can easily add family members to your YouTube Premium subscription. This allows everyone in your family to enjoy the benefits of a premium membership and share the subscription cost.

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