How to ADD FRIEND to CHAT in CHAI app?

to add a friend in chai ai uh chatting app what you need to do is just start chatting so this these are all ai bots these are not real people and that's why this app probably is a bit creepy uh okay so you can just start chatting let's just test it out so you can see pretty decent replies i can just send an emoji or something anyways and then basically if you send one message at least you can add a friend add by a friend code and you need to add a valid friend code so this is my friend code i don't know why i need that but anyways i'll just pass it here so for some reason i can't i can't add a friend by code so there you have it from hopefully it should work at some point but at this at this moment the app is a bit buggy because there are so many users and it's searching in the app store

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