How to see friend request in Co-Star Astrology app?

How to see friend requests on co-star?

  • Open Co-Star app
  • Go to Inbox tab in the bottom
  • New friend requests and messages will appear here
See friend requests in Co-Star app

Co-Star quick add

Co-Star quick add is basically friends suggestions feature.

To see Co-Star quick add, go to Friends tab.

Here you will see your list of friends and friends of friends (quick add).

Co-Star icebreaker friends

Co-Star icebreaker was available in Home tab.

These were quick horoscope predictions for you and your friends.

Now icebreakers are gone and not available anymore.

Take a look at this thread.

Anyone else been getting called out really hard by their ‘silly’ little horoscope app? ☀️♐️🌙♈️⬆️♐️ from astrologymemes

How to add friends in Co-Star app?

To add friends in Co—Star app, astrology app, tap on Friends in top right, and then here you can add from contacts, connect to Facebook, or add manually. You can also do that, but also maybe you can just search by username and then you can just tap like this.

Then you can just search by username if you know your friend's username and tap Add. That's basically it. And then you can see the list of your friends here on your friends list.

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