How to add friends in GAS APP? Full guide

so in case you are new to gas app here is a full guide how to add friends in gas app so here you're answering some polls tap inbox in top left tap add in top left and then here you have few options to add friends so just tap add and you on the person you would like to add as a friend and then you will see friends of friends this is the first option so if you already have friends on gas app you will see some suggestions friends or friends then you will see uh people from your school so depending on how many members in your school have gas up you you will see these students which you can add and then also you can see invitations left basically these are people you can invite from your contact list to The Gazette usually you just only have limit of 10 invitations which you can send and yeah also until you added your friends you will be suggested uh you will be suggested people from from your contact list uh so yeah and that's that's not the bug that's just what happens until you have four or more friends from your school editing Gaza

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