How to add friends in whoo app?

here's woo app location sharing app so how to add friend Simple app so just tap on this red button here in the bottom and then you will be able to add friends and then you just tap on the plus again and then you will just be able to share this QR code um with friends and yeah so that's basically the idea and then they will just scan it and access it like like it so that's basically the idea hope you like it and yeah so that's that's what it is uh interesting app but also of course you can you can just share your invitation link just via link like that and then it will just be shared as a new message uh to your friends and like yeah you can just share via Messenger on WhatsApp whatever you're using um so yeah you can also just share Yahoo ID uh and so yeah something like that I'm not sure if you can search for friends directly in the like in the in the database and all of that but

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