Adding friends in the Widgetable app is a quick and simple process. To get started, make sure that you have updated the app to the latest version. Once you have done that, follow these steps:

  1. On iOS, open the app and navigate to the explore tab located in the bottom left corner.
  2. Within the explore tab, you will find a friends tab. Click on it to access the profile and friends section.
  3. In this section, you will see your Vegetable code, which will be a combination of letters and numbers (e.g., VPQ, PQS).
  4. To invite friends, you can either copy your Vegetable code and share it through any messenger app, or simply type "share" and select the invite option.
  5. When your friend receives the code, they can click on the link, which will prompt them to add you as a friend on the Widgetable app. The invite message will include your Vegetable code and invite them to join you in enjoying interesting widgets together.

Additionally, you have the option to enable notifications. By doing so, you will receive notifications when a friend adds you on the app. This ensures that you stay connected and up-to-date with your friends.

Alternatively, you can also add new friends by selecting the "add new friend" option located at the bottom of the Widgetable app.

Once you and your friend have added each other as friends using your Vegetable codes, you can start the binding process. This allows you to utilize each other's widgets on lock screens, such as interactive lock screens that display countdowns or co-parenting widgets specifically designed for pet owners. There are also interactive widgets that enable you to share signals and statuses with your friends, making the app an engaging and social experience.

The Widgetable app offers a host of possibilities for connecting with friends and exploring various interactive widgets. So why wait? Start adding friends today and unlock the full potential of this innovative app.

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