How to add friends to SnapChat countdown?

Snapchat is known for its fun and dynamic features, and one of the latest additions to the platform is the ability to add friends to Snapchat countdowns. If you're wondering how to do this, it's actually quite simple. Let's walk through the steps to add friends to a Snapchat countdown.

First, open the Snapchat app on your device and tap on your profile icon located in the top left corner of the screen. This will take you to your profile page.

Once you're on the profile page, you'll see a section for "Countdowns." Simply tap on this section to view all the countdowns that you have created.

From the list of countdowns, select the one to which you want to add friends. Once you've chosen the countdown, tap on the "Edit" option. This will allow you to make changes to the countdown.

After tapping on the "Edit" button, a menu will appear. Look for the "Share with Friends" option and tap on it. This will bring up a list of your Snapchat friends.

Now, simply scroll through the list of friends and select the ones that you want to add to the countdown. You can choose multiple friends if you wish.

Once you have selected the friends, tap on the "Confirm" button to finalize and save the changes. This will add the selected friends to your Snapchat countdown.

Now, when you go back to the countdown, you will see the newly added friends listed along with the countdown. This allows them to stay updated and notified about the event.

If for any reason you want to remove someone from the countdown, you can do so by following a similar process. Just go back to the "Edit" option for the countdown, choose the "Share with Friends" option, and deselect the friend(s) that you want to remove.

And there you have it! You now know how to easily add and remove friends to your Snapchat countdowns. This feature adds a new level of interaction and engagement with your friends on the platform.

So go ahead, give it a try and have fun creating and customizing your Snapchat countdowns with friends.

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