How to add kiwi music widget on iPhone homescreen?

let's explore how to add a kiwi music widget so just tap and app start to jiggle tap on plus icon in top right and then search for kiwi so here you see kiwi widgets see songs sent by your friends and then you have two types of widgets small or horizontal i can just tap and hold and nothing there okay and then i just go back to the kiwi app tab that i have enabled to widget so you can do it while you're creating an account and while you're connecting your spotify or apple music and then it should be there okay but for some reason maybe this app doesn't want to be recorded um okay so then i can just show you like here is the the app it's quite interesting idea where you can write your friends music anonymously at a random time each day a notification will prompt you and your friends to share a song and a message all at the same time you never know what the notification will say so be ready all of the songs your friends share show up on a widget for your iphone home screen and you can give music ratings so it's kind of like a burial for music and a way to discover new music um yeah hope this is fun

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