so here's top widget app which is the top drawing app right now because of that top videos feature which was released in iOS 16. so let's just start it and then if you just go to top YouTube app store so this is the app um you can try it out and this is how it looks like so why it's so popular yeah of course you can set up all the home screen widgets you can set up um like wallpapers icons everything but the main feature is that you can set lock screen widgets lock screen widget is a new feature from IOS where you can have videos on your lock screen and here you have the biggest collection of like nice looking lock screen widgets so for example here you have some circle widgets uh CPU shape launch no disk steps batteries all these categories in the circle mode like for example uh yeah if you want to install it just tap on it but yeah of course it says please upgrade app and your system to iOS 16 are about to use this feature danzera cartoon uh and then there are orthogon uh Xander up bars so these are mine four categories which you can use so like if you want to use like functional lock screen widgets that are like this circle and orthogon widgets where for example you can launch app you can see a device you can check the number of steps you can leave some notes you can see countdown and all of that um so okay I will show you just from other app how the process looks like so basically here you can just um long press on any empty area on lock screen and click customize click at we just scroll down and click lock which or yeah this is just example from other app but the same process is here so you just need to select this widget and then lock your screen um yeah you just need to tap on the halt on the screen and then of course you need to be upgraded to the to the iOS 16 it only works with iOS 16 update and you need to have iPhone 8 plus to be able to upgrade and then click add widget scroll down and click clock widget not sorry not local top widget tap and drag uh like select the widgets from the list some select that and then you can set it up so that basically that's the process and then you just need to select uh widget from here uh so that's basically the idea um hope this is helpful and yeah so that's what you can do um also here in this app you can also set up icons there are a bunch of apps which are helping to do this then there are wallpapers you can also set up wallpapers here in this app uh we can set up quotes you can set up uh yeah all of that and then there is there are more then yeah there are daily quotes weather bills yeah uh help like so you can set it up all here so that's basically the idea um then there is like a gallery um uh yeah so there you have it um and then yeah again there are different functionalities of widgets which you can try here so there's art like launch for example you want to launch some apps so you can launch it right from the lock screen you don't need to unlock your screen go to the app and launch it you can just see the device like system updates like what's your memory left and number of steps you can see your notes you can see number of steps you can see how many dice are you together and all of that so that's basically your process and and also there are some like funny cartoons which you can check out uh there are all these cartoons which you can use so yeah hope that is helpful that's just a quick walkthrough

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