so here is iphone quick guide on adding locket widget app tap and hold you see your apps jiggling and then you can just search for widgets like locket and here you can just find the locket widget there is small widgets there is bigger one and then you can just add widget so yep there are just two two sides two sizes of locket widgets so that's what it is and then um yeah you can go to your settings in top left and then uh basically you can you can create a new widget and then you can just name it and then select which people which of your contacts you want to add to that widget so as you can see here i created a few widgets selected like everyone which is default one colleagues travel class friends friends and then if i tap and hold i can edit widget and select specific people who should appear in this widget so i can pick a widget here and then only like my travel friends will appear on that widget or my colleagues so if i don't do that the default setting is everyone and if you can have now 20 friends on on this widget all their photos will appear there so yeah that's basically an overview hope this was helpful

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