How to ADD LOCKET WIDGET to iPhone homescreen?

hey everyone so here is locket widget app uh this really nice idea basically you can add a widget to your iphone and then uh you add friends and then you take a photo and then send a photo to your friend and that photo appears on their phone in the widget and vice versa if your friend sends a photo to you this photo automatically appears in located widget uh on your phone so to add a locket widget just tap and hold on the screen after you install the locket widget app and then you just need to search for locket live peeks from your friends on your home screen and then you just add it and tap add widget in the bottom there are no many widget sizes usually in other apps you just have small medium large widgets you can customize them now here is just very minimalistic very simple there is just one widget which is basically contains the photo of your friend so that's about it um yeah i hope that is helpful um if you want to remove it yeah then just press home button and it won't be moving around anymore then just tap and hold if you want to remove it you can always tap edit home screen and then move around other icons or you can just tap and hold and remove the widget hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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