How to add Me+ Lockscreen widget on iPhone?

hair one so here is interesting trending app which is called me plus which is basically your activity routine activity calendar tracker where every day you just add like activities you did during this day and it's just um it just makes your life more organized and you know it's it's a cool app it's a simple approach but it's very effective so now you can also install home lock screen widgets so how to do it tap tap on your Settings app or you can um also install it from your lock screen but from Settings app you can just go to wallpaper and then just tap customize here and then uh yeah like this and then you can just tap on this icon and then search for me plus and then you will be able to install this lock screen widget here you have different options so you can install current mode enter your mood at any time you can see today's routines or you can see how many of today's routines you completed so yeah that's pretty cool so yeah it's it's got given you even more you know like motivation to complete daily routines and you know be in the schedule and be more active so that's the idea it's pretty cool hope that's helpful and then you need to tap done in the top right to save it

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