How to ADD MUSIC to your LAPSE PROFILE? Guide

Adding music to your Lapse profile is a simple and straightforward process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of how to add music to your Lapse profile.

To begin, open the Lapse app and tap on the bottom left corner to go to your profile. Once you are on your profile page, look for the music icon in the bottom right corner. Tap on this icon to access the music options.

If you have already added music to your profile, tapping on the music icon will start playing the music for you. If you want to add new music or change the existing one, tap on the edit pencil icon. This will give you the option to add music from a selection of tracks.

You can also use the search feature to find specific tracks or artists that you want to add to your profile. Simply enter the name of the track or artist in the search bar and select the desired result. Once you have chosen your preferred music, tap on the save button to add it to your profile.

In addition to adding music to your profile, you can also add music to specific albums. Lapse divides albums by months, such as October or September. To add music to a specific album, follow the same steps mentioned earlier. Tap on the music icon in the bottom right corner and then select the tracks you want to add to that particular album.

It's important to note that you cannot add music to individual photos or snaps within an album. Music can only be added to the entire album as a whole.

Lapse is a viral social media app that combines elements from popular platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. It offers a unique experience tailored for Gen Z users. If you are a Lapse user, give these music features a try and enhance your profile with your favorite tracks.

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