How to add PREVIOUS CARDS in Apple Wallet?

so here is a wallet app and if you tap plus icon here add to wallet there is an interesting feature if you just buy it a bit it's called available cards previous cards so what does it mean so it's pretty handy feature so for example if you had previous iPhone you change the iPhone and there you had your previous debit credit cards but you forgot to add them to your new wallet or you didn't do like you know a data transfer completely from your old iPhone to new iPhone you instead of going card by card and just you know re-adding every card from the start you can just tap here previous cards and then it can be three cards it can be five whatever and then you just see all of them and then you just basically need to confirm and seems to be it's just an easier way to add your previous cards this way yeah so hope that is helpful that's basically the idea and thank you for watching

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