How to ADD STICKERS in WIZZ app?

here's this app so how to add stickers enemies app so if you just tap and then you can just tap edit and stickers in this app are basically Community stickers so it's it's a bit unclear but you just tap on community in the bottom right and then you just have like groups like Facebook groups of people so if you're using FaceTime you can just select FaceTime if you play fortnite you can select that if you like I don't know or any of those so for example you can add Roblox and that's like a Roblox sticker here and that's how you add sticker on on Visa app and then you can just go go through all these categories watching music uh like and yes there is a limited amount of stickers which you can add but yeah you can add some of those and then you can just swipe and delete them like this and then for example if you save the person which goes to this profile they will be able to click on the sticker and go to that community and this is the idea is that it's just basically this community represents the interest of the person who is swiping for example he or she likes dogs and you also in the dog community so that can be helpful

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