How to ADD TAGS in NOTES APP on iOS15?

hello everyone so with the ios 15 there is a new feature in notes app which i personally really like um so you can add tags or hashtags in a simple way so how to add them that's super easy so that's my home screen and then i can just create a some note and anywhere in the text i just need to add this hashtag and then i will see suggested hashtags already and then i can just write something like this uh and then add that in the node and that's about it so then i add uh this hashtag you will see that it says this note is not supported on some of your devices because of course your notes are syncing across like your mac your ipad your iphone so and this feature with stacks is like a really recent feature so for that feature to work you just need that it's it's upgraded like that your os is upgraded across all devices uh but that's it and then now you have in your home screen in notes you have tags so you can just go all tags or you can just filter by home tag and that's about it now you have this tag available so that now you can select another view create smart folder based on this tag sort notes like so it's a really nice addition uh it's really cool feature to just filter all the notes like notes related to work to i don't know to some of your projects to home family and then just add these hashtags and it helps you to organize i think if you just delete these notes the hashtag also will be deleted automatically

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