How to add Vibes Widget to LockScreen?

If you're a tech-savvy individual who wants to add some flavor to your lock screen, then you might want to check out the Vypz widget. With Vypz, users can share their moods and vibes with their friends, adding a fun and interactive element to the iOS lock screen.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is to install the Vypz widget. If you don't have it yet, simply search for Vypz in the App Store and download it onto your phone.

Once you have installed the app, create an account and get started. After that, go to your iPhone's settings and click on "Wallpaper". Look for the Vypz widget, and you will be able to update it with just one tap.

Now, you can see your Vypz and update it with your current mood. You can also see your friends' latest Vypz and share your own with them.

The Vypz app is only available for iOS 16 and above, but for those with compatible devices, it is a fun and unique way to add some personality and interaction to your lock screen. And adding the widget is as easy as tapping "Done" on the top right.

In summary, adding the Vypz widget to your lock screen is a great way to personalize your iOS device, while also sharing your moods and vibes with friends. Give it a try and have fun with it!

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