How to appeal a video in TikTok? TikTok account warning

hello everyone so here's tik tok if you see this you know this a bit annoying pop up that's what it is and then you can see that some of the videos may uh violate the guidelines or stuff like that in this case here is how you can appeal if you're really sure that you didn't do anything wrong and that that was just a mistake so yeah you can just tap on the video and then uh you can uh see the details and then you can tap submit appeal because sometimes uh you really like you did an okay video and all of that but the algorithm can can't decide because sometimes it's just automated matching on tick tock and the algorithm can think that you did something wrong however in the videos there is nothing wrong but of course this depends case on case basis i'm in this video i'm just showing you how you can submit an appeal and how to can you can request another review if you believe your content was by mistake let us know by submitting your appeal your feedback helps us improve otherwise that we keep community is safe so now you you will see that appeal received and then we'll send a notification as soon as there is an update so that's that's what you can do on tick tock ios app

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