How to approve a teen account in Cash App?

Hey there, so how to approve a TIN account in CashApp. So in the bottom right you will see notifications and then you can see requests for approval and then you can just scroll to the bottom to continue and then you can just tap continue and then you need to enter your legal name for example. You need to enter your date of birth, of course you need to be 18 plus and then you need to enter your full social security number for this feature to be available. So yeah, that's the process what you need to go through and then the teenager will be able means like a person 13 years old plus but under 18 years old then that person your kid or something like that will be able to use the CashApp exchange and send money and even invest and buy Bitcoin in this CashApp and then you as a sponsor or as a parent you will have the full transparency and visibility through all the activities of the teenager on the CashApp. So yeah, so that's how it works right now but of course you need to recite in US and you need to have like SSN and then yeah you just can use that. Hope this makes sense, this is our new feature you can go and find it in the family accounts and then that's how it works. Hope that clarifies things.

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