How to approve or deny Teen account in Cash App?

Hey there so how to approve or deny teen account on Cash App. So in case your teen sent you a request for like for the teen account you will just go to your notifications in bottom right and then you see pending request for approval sent from teenager. So your like teenager is under 18 and needs your approval to use Cash App and it's part of family account. They can deposit money spend it using that card and exchange money with friends family you'll get with built-in control. You can check their activity set limits and change access to what they can do. Option to allow investing as well they can invest in stocks of their favorite companies and Bitcoin for as little as $1. I'm opening and I'm the owner of an account for the 13 plus minor I argue to the account cards and privacy terms and then you can just tap decline or you can tap continue and proceed with that. So yeah that's basically the process and 13 year olds can can start using the Cash App. Yeah the one thing is that yeah of course they will just need to get an approval from their parents and then they should be able to use the Cash App of course all their activities monitored and you have complete access to that. So that's the process hope it is helpful.

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