How to attach a photo to address in what3words app?

so here is this viral app and how to attach a photo to an address so for example you want to share address with someone so and then you you just have this code and then basically yeah you can just go there select specific uh score and then uh yeah you can okay this is this reward code so you can just easily share that in the bottom you can tap here but better wipe to do is just probably if you tap on menu in top left tap in photo mode and then you can just take a photo or attach a photo and then yeah you will be able to uh yeah to add that photo um uh yeah to that address uh yeah but I think it's it's not possible to attach a photo at some distant address it's only for uh possible to do that uh yeah with some uh address where you currently where your GPS is located because yeah obviously people would submit a lot of fake uh for us but that's how it works

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