How to automatically ERASE DATA on iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts?

hey there so if you go to settings and then face ID and passcode and then you just scroll to the bottom here in the bottom you have this setting in the very bottom to erase data that's pretty aggressive setting so just be super careful when you enable that by default it is disabled so by this setting you can erase all data on this phone iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts so yeah basically if you are failing 10 times with passcode and for example your face ID doesn't work and you can't enter the numbers correctly the your code for like 10 times in a row then basically all your data will be erased so it's pretty aggressive but yeah that's what you can do like if you know like you're just not sure uh like if you're in situations where you just want to have full control of your data and just keep your privacy so in case something's happen with your phone or someone else get act that's access to it like until you reach out to Apple support or like try to do something else just want to be sure that all your data will be erased and any other person with any other like you know assumptions or actions just can't access your data so this is like pretty aggressive but yeah you can just enable that um and maybe it will just reduce your anxiety anxiety a bit in such situations so yeah there is such setting again it's disabled by default um but yeah you can you can enable that it's not so uh it's not uh completely like uh killing your iPhone so it doesn't mean that after this setting your iPhone is basically that and you can't use it anymore but I think all your like Apple ID iCloud notes and photos everything will be destroyed and then after if you still have access to this phone I think you can do like a factory reset or something like that just restore your data there uh so yeah that's basically what you can try to do hope that's helpful

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