How to backup Worldcoin account via iCloud?

In this video transcript, the process of backing up a Worldcoin account via iCloud is explained step by step. To start, users need to access their World app and navigate to the settings located in the top right corner. Once there, they should select "Security and Privacy" where the option to enable Face ID is available.

Next, to proceed with backing up the account, users should select "Account" and then choose "Account Backup". By tapping the "Enabled" option, users can set up the backup process. To utilize iCloud for backup storage, users need to toggle on the switch for iCloud backup.

Benefits of using iCloud for Worldcoin account backup include the ability to access the backup not only locally on the phone but also from iCloud. In cases where the password is forgotten, the backup can be unlocked using the phone number associated with the account.

In conclusion, the process outlined in the video provides Worldcoin users with a simple and effective method to backup their accounts securely via iCloud. By following these steps, users can ensure that their account information is safely stored and easily accessible when needed.

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