How to become a RealFan in BeReal?

Beryl introduces a new feature called RealFan, allowing users to become dedicated followers of celebrities and influencers on the platform. To join the RealFan club, users need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your contacts on Beryl.
  2. Swipe down a bit to access the option to follow brands.
  3. Choose to follow the desired celebrities or influencers.
  4. Interact with their content regularly by commenting, sharing, and liking.

Unlike other platforms, becoming a RealFan on Beryl is not an instant process. It requires consistent engagement with the chosen celebrities. There is no premium upgrade available for accessing this feature; users must earn it by actively participating within the platform.

RealFans will enjoy benefits such as exclusive content from their favorite celebrities and increased visibility on the platform. The interaction between users and celebrities is encouraged, with the possibility of celebrities responding to comments and engagements from their fans.

This new feature indicates Beryl's shift towards promoting celebrities and brands more prominently on the platform. It reflects a strategic move aimed at boosting revenue through brand collaborations and advertisements, aligning Beryl with popular social media platforms like Instagram.

As Beryl evolves and introduces new features like RealFan, it will be intriguing to observe how the platform develops and adapts to the changing trends in social media engagement. Stay tuned for further updates on the growth of RealFan and other innovative features on Beryl.

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