How to become an ORB OPERATOR in Worldcoin app?

Are you interested in becoming an ORB operator in the WorldCoin app? In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get started and explore the opportunities this role offers.

The WorldCoin protocol aims to create a more human and inclusive approach to welcome everyone into the world of cryptocurrency. As an ORB operator, you will not only earn money for yourself but also help others along their WorldCoin journey. Let's dive into the process of becoming an ORB operator.

To begin, visit and navigate to the "be a WorldCoin operator" section. Here, you will find all the necessary steps and instructions to proceed. It's worth noting that WorldID verification is currently required to claim and withdraw WorldCoin grants, which means you need to verify with ORB.

However, the availability of ORBs is limited. For instance, in the United States, there are only eight locations where ORB verification is possible. Denmark does not currently have any ORBs, and Germany has only two locations. This limited availability makes it crucial to find an ORB close to your location.

To become an ORB operator, you need to apply, attend an interview, and, if selected, undergo basic training. Once approved, you will receive an ORB within a few days. This device will enable you to start building your operations and help users with WorldID verification.

As an ORB operator, you will need to provide details about your site, region, website, LinkedIn profile, and existing infrastructure or experience relevant to your success. If you have a physical space that can be rented out for the ORB verification process, it could be an excellent opportunity to utilize your resources effectively.

WorldCoin's market cap and stats provide further insight into the potential impact and reach of this cryptocurrency. Currently, there are over 2 million unique humans who have completed WorldID checks and 7 million transfers and drop claims. These numbers indicate a growing interest in WorldCoin, suggesting that becoming an ORB operator could be a useful venture.

It's important to note that every week, new grants become available, making ORB verification an ongoing need rather than a one-time requirement. This ensures a consistent demand for ORB operators and presents an opportunity for business growth.

While the exact details of the benefits and compensation for ORB operators are not provided, it is believed that you will receive additional WorldCoin as part of the role. The business potential of becoming an ORB operator largely depends on your location and estimations.

For instance, if there is a country with a significant user base but very few ORBs, like Belgium, the opportunity to serve a large number of people could be promising. However, it's recommended to gather all the necessary information and consider various factors before making a final decision.

If you explore the ORB availability in different countries, you will find variations. For example, Spain currently boasts 15 ORBs, with several located in Madrid, Mallorca, and Barcelona. Surprisingly, there are more ORBs in Spain than in the entire United States. This demonstrates the potential for regional disparities and varied business opportunities.

In conclusion, becoming an ORB operator in the WorldCoin app can be an intriguing prospect. By following the application process, undergoing training, and receiving an ORB, you can embark on a journey of building your operations and helping users with WorldID verification. The specifics of compensation and benefits may vary, so it's crucial to thoroughly research and consider your location and other factors. If you find yourself in a region with limited ORB availability but a significant user base, this could be a potentially lucrative opportunity.

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