hey there here is Snapchat and with Snapchat Plus there is a new feature where you can boost your story move your story near the front of the line to get more views I will show you how to do it uh here's some overview uh you can use storyboots to boost your private Snapchat store for 24 hours and get more views from Friends fast one story boost per week is included with your Snapchat Plus subscription if you don't use your Boost that Peak it expires so just go to your active front or private story tab boost a countdown from 24 hours will start after you boost your story and it's not for commercial use it's not like advertisement anything so I just posted my story and then I can go to like stories likely and then I can just swipe up my story and then I see this button story boost move your story and then I can just tap boost here so something like that you can only do it once per week so just be mindful of which stories you want to boost and it will be just boosted among your friends I guess and yeah we'll just get more views so it's pretty cool feature it's kind of like little advertisement help from Snapchat uh uh so yeah that's that's the idea um so yeah hope that's that's helpful and um thanks for watching

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