How to buy boosts in LooksMax ai app?

In the LooksMax AI app, purchasing boosts enables users to unlock additional results beyond the daily limit. To acquire boosts, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your second result per day.
  2. After reaching the daily limit, additional results can only be obtained by purchasing boosts.
  3. Usually, users can generate LooksMax AI results for free, up to one per day.
  4. To access more results, users can buy boosts:
  • Three boosts for $3
  • Five boosts for $4
  • Nine boosts for $6
  1. Each boost purchased allows immediate access to unlock a result.
  2. For instance, by purchasing nine boosts for $6, users can obtain a total of nine additional results.

This system in the LooksMax AI app offers a convenient way for users to access more AI-generated results beyond the daily limit, enhancing their experience with the app.

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