How to buy MERCH IN DHAR MANN app?

okay so here is harman app so how to get merch here so yeah you just got the app uh tarman and then so this is this is how it looks like on the app store so just search for harm man like here this is the app and yeah then you can just get access to the merch just tap on the merge tab in the bottom and then just tap shop online and then you're directed to and there it is then you can just shop for all these backpacks t-shirts hooties and then you can just tap on the hoodie you can select size and add to cart and buy this apple pie spend 50 plus dollars and get free shipping uh please expect a three week process in time yeah due to code 19. um free returns for domestic orders only yep so there you have it so that's that's about it so that's that's how it works um uh that's how you access that harman marsh store                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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