in this video we're gonna go through how to buy nft on coinbase nifty marketplace so nft marketplace from coinbase was a long awaited release they told to push it live by sitting back in winter but now it's finally live still in beta so you need to have an invite code to enter here um and yeah so to get that in white code you first need to go to sign up there and refer other people and then you will move higher in waiting list so basically here's my profile so you can just uh search for any collection like this for example and then you can search for profiles collections nfts so if you want to get one of those board apps yeah it's just there you have it you can also look all the information but by the way moon birds is here crypto banks i think a lot of major collections are already on coinbase nft marketplace and basically here you have board i uh a pact club you can see items owners floor price sunday volume and then yeah you can filter recent listed all the price lowest highest and then basically you can just go here and then you can see the price you can see all the activity uh you can see crazy someone bought it for 72 um so yeah that's basically that uh and then you can just tap buy now and then basically you need to have like this amount of ethereum in your wallet you can of course then easily buy your unique bitcoin base pay and then it will you will need to have some gas additionally so that's basically and then that's how you can just buy any other nft here so that's how it looks like for me it's it's a bit more like easy easier interface a bit better design compared to open c especially for beginners if you're like crypto nft beginner this looks this app looks more like you know similar to instagram or some social media app so that's but basically that's the process um yeah i guess of course you can transfer to your coin base quality to your room from finance or from other ethereum wallets and then buy like that so that's how i would do it in this very simple guide of course you need to create an account connect your meta mask and all of that uh but and of course you need to to have your invite code for now i don't know when this app will be out of beta and everyone will have access but there you have it

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