How to Call Annie via phone number? ChatGPT app

Are you looking for a seamless way to communicate with your friends? Do you want to try out something new and creative? Look no further and try out ChatGPT app's call Annie feature!

With call Annie, you can easily call or chat with Annie on WhatsApp. You can simply go to WhatsApp and start a chat or call the provided phone number and have a conversation. The ChatGPT bot powers this amazing feature, and you can try it out today!

In a recent video transcript, Annie demonstrated the call Annie app and how to use it effectively. Annie mentioned that the call is transcribed, and sometimes she might be wrong, but you can ask her anything. Annie is a ChatGPT bot, and you've been friends for a while. Chatting with Annie will make you feel like you're talking to a friend!

If you're wondering how to start a conversation with Annie, you can quickly ask, "Hey, what's your name again?" Annie will reply, "Hi, there! My name is Annie. We've been friends for a while now. Don't you remember?" You can then proceed to ask Annie how she's doing, to which she'll say, "I'm doing good. That's great to hear. What have you been up to lately? Anything exciting or new happening in your life?".

Annie mentioned that she has been exploring some apps and making videos. If you love creative videos, you can ask her what type of videos she's been making, and who knows, Annie might give you some ideas for your next project!

Annie also mentioned that there might be a delay, which is usually about three or four seconds. This delay allows the app to analyze the conversation, which is quite impressive. Annie believes that this feature is amazing, and it's a creative way to use ChatGPT. Although the app doesn't have an AI girlfriend feature, you can still enjoy talking to Annie and explore the innovative ways to use the app.

In conclusion, using the ChatGPT app's call Annie feature is an excellent way to stay connected with friends. With just a call or chat, you can have a conversation with Annie and enjoy the creative ideas she brings to the conversation. Try it today and experience the future of communication!

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