How to cancel Dawn AI subscription on iPhone or Android?

so here is down Ai and let's just explore how do you cancel your subscription on iOS or Android I'm just going through there's a support center so on iOS just open settings tap your name tab subscription tap the subscription you want to cancel uh if you don't see cancel button the subscription is already canceled and won't renew uh uh like yeah that's the standard procedure so let's just show it uh uh yeah it's not um possible to cancel a subscription within the app because this is like an apple policy that's just how it works so for example here uh you can as you can see any other subscription you can just go there and then just tap cancel subscription as you can see my down AI is already canceled um so yeah there you have it on Android you can open Google Play Store check if you're signing into the correct Google account at the top right of the profile icon tab payments subscription subscriptions select the subscription you want to cancel and follow the instructions

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