How to cancel many Twitter Superfollows on iPhone?

okay so twitter just launched super follows and there is this a bit of a bug because each super follow is in app purchase on the app store but if yeah if there are too many you know purchases for the twitter app the app store only shows 10 instead of the full list so if you are super following more than 10 users on twitter you will come into trouble um so that's not great but i think they will fix that uh so you know just care in mind if you uh super follow more than 10 uh [Music] people on twitter it at the moment it will be problematic to cancel these super follows and probably will need to contact twitter support or something uh that's the only way to cancel super follows you can't do that from the twitter app uh you can only do it as the same way as you subscribe to as you can see your apple subscriptions if you just go to settings just go to your profile and then you just tap on subscriptions and from here you can just cancel all of that but yeah so that's the issue [Music] if you know any update or how exactly to solve it just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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