How to cancel monthly membership in Planet Fitness app and not being overcharged?

Canceling monthly membership in Planet Fitness app can be tricky, but it's essential to know the steps to avoid overcharging. Here are the best ways to cancel your membership successfully.

Firstly, you must visit your home club in person to terminate your membership. Alternatively, you can send a written notification via mail to your home club requesting termination. The speaker questioned what "send written notification via mail" meant, which is understandable because the term can be confusing. However, it merely implies sending a physical letter mail.

It's important to note that different policies apply to each club. Therefore, it's advisable to appear in person at your club to cancel or contact them via phone. By doing this, you can be sure to get the accurate information for your specific location.

You must cancel at least seven business days before the start of your monthly membership to avoid being charged for the next month, even if you're not planning to go. It’s crucial to keep in mind that seven business days equals roughly nine regular days. This factor is because, in some cases, businesses operate only on weekdays. Therefore, if you cancel your subscription on Monday, you have up to the next Wednesday to cancel it to avoid further charges.

It's essential to take note of these guidelines because failure to adhere to them may result in being charged even when you are no longer using the services. Therefore, to be sure, you can confirm the details by calling the club.

In conclusion, if you want to cancel your monthly membership in Planet Fitness app effectively, make sure you terminate your subscription at least seven business days before the start of the new month. Additionally, try to contact your club through calls or appear in person to avoid any confusion resulting from different policies at each location.

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