How to cancel Twitter Blue $7.99 subscription on iPhone?

I'm just going here trying to figure out how to counter Twitter subscription of course this help Twitter section is all about previous Twitter blue subscription with show us 4.99 a new one by Elon Musk is 799 uh so that's that um um yeah basically it's only available on iOS it's not available in Google or it's not available on Android um so to cancel on iOS you just go to through the standard procedure so just go to settings and settings icon app and then go to your subscriptions by typing on your profile icon and then you just can go like to your iCloud subscriptions and then you will see all the subscriptions available for your Apple account and there there you will see Twitter blue subscription so just tap on that and then you will be able to cancel it um so yes I'm select that uh there are multiple places where you can see it um so I guess maybe you can also just search so here you can just search subscriptions and then just go there it just depends sometimes if there are a lot of subscriptions it may take some some time for it to load so that's that so here for example you can see some of the acting previous subscriptions so that's that um hope it is helpful and thanks for watching

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