How to cash out in Social rebel app?

everyone so here is this app called social rebel so um yeah it's um it's going viral and a lot of people are questioning is it like a scam or is it legit so in this video i will try to figure out can you actually cash out so the idea is that you complete some tasks you install some apps and you earn cash for that in this app or you just refer your friends and you earn two dollars per click at 20 dollars for sign up for sign up not just the paying paid like purchase but just for a free sign up we are using by the way just use my link in the description below um so yeah but then you go to my payment section you need to add your paypal or other payment method you will see your current balance first you need at least 120 dollar balance to cash out so you need either to install i need either to install more apps or i need to refer more friends and all of that when you create an account you instantly get fifty dollars uh then you need to complete all these tasks so you need to have like a lot of clicks i'm not sure which clicks are that clicks in the app or clicks on your referral link invites uh people who yeah who visited the app then you need to complete six offers and then you need to come have like an commission from uh from your offers so you need to share your invite link and when people completing their tasks when they sign up your invite link you will have a 25 commission so only after that you'll be able to withdraw money so please just use smiling and i will try to [Music] to figure out yeah i will just leave it in the bottom to figure out if uh if this app is legit or or it's a complete scam so i'll just pass it here so this is my referral link uh a-n-d-r-i-i-g and yeah let's just figure out if it works hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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