How to change a profile picture in Levels social fitness app?

Here's how to change your profile picture in the Levels social fitness app:

  1. First, locate and open the Levels app on your device. You can find it in the App Store, as it is currently a popular social fitness app.
  2. Once you have the app open, look for the three dots icon in the top-right corner. Tap on it to access additional options.
  3. In the menu that appears, find and select "Edit Profile." This will take you to a screen where you can make changes to your profile information.
  4. On the profile editing screen, locate your current profile picture. Tap on it once to bring up the options to change it.
  5. From there, you have two choices. You can either select a picture from your device's gallery or take a new photo using the app's camera feature. Simply tap on the respective option to proceed.
  6. After selecting or taking a new photo, the Levels app will allow you to crop and edit the image if desired. Make any necessary adjustments before confirming your selection.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the changes, tap on "Save" or "Done" to finalize the process. Your new profile picture will now be visible to other users on the Levels social fitness app.
  8. Additionally, if you wish to change your username, the app offers that option as well. While on the profile editing screen, look for the "Change Username" option and follow the prompts to select a new username.

Changing your profile picture and username in the Levels app is a straightforward process that allows you to personalize your account and engage with the social fitness community in a more unique way.

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