How to change audio settings in Rave app?

The Rave app is a popular platform that allows users to watch videos together with friends in real-time. However, some users have been facing issues with changing the audio settings in the app. In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing audio settings in the Rave app.

To begin with, open up the Rave app on your device and select the video you want to watch. Once you have selected the video, locate the settings option in the top left corner of the screen. Here, you will find various settings related to the playback experience.

One of the settings you might be interested in is the audio setting. By tapping on the audio option, you should be able to change the audio source or adjust the volume to your liking. However, it seems that some users have been encountering a bug where the audio settings are unresponsive.

If you currently encounter this bug, you might see a message that says, "no options available" when accessing the audio settings. This can be frustrating for users who rely on audio customization for an improved viewing experience. Unfortunately, the bug seems to have persisted for around 10 days or so, and users have reported their disappointment in the app reviews.

The developers behind the Rave app are aware of this issue, but it appears that finding a quick solution has proven to be challenging. Users who heavily rely on audio and subtitle customization may need to consider using alternative apps for the time being or patiently wait for a fix.

It is essential for app developers to promptly address bugs and issues raised by users. A seamless experience is crucial to retaining app users and maintaining a positive reputation in the market. With the mounting dissatisfaction surrounding the audio settings bug in the Rave app, it becomes increasingly important for the developers to prioritize resolving this issue.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing difficulties in changing the audio settings in the Rave app, you are not alone. The bug affecting the audio settings has left users unable to adjust the audio source or volume. While it is unfortunate that this bug has persisted, it is important to note that the developers are likely aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution. Until then, consider exploring alternative apps or patiently waiting for a fix.

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