How to change CAMERA BUTTON in SnapChat Plus? New feature!

hi there so I was just doing some research about Snapchat Plus and find out that it actually added three more features so ability to add custom backgrounds for chats give to a subscription to a friend so I already did overview some of those so check out my YouTube channel but then there is a feature to change the camera button to a hard soccer ball or another image so I don't know where actually that feature is so if you if I just go to Snapchat Plus here it's it's not here um so if you have any idea like how to find it out um story timer okay so maybe here it is it says custom capture buttons so go to your profile tab Snapchat plus membership card tap app Theme tap capture button choose a new capture button so as a Snapchat Plus subscriber you can switch things up and change how you capture buttons appears on Snapchat uh so yeah go here at theme and then yeah you can just change capture button to like heart to widget spinner so for example if I want to change and then I can change recording frame as well so yeah that's basically how it works so let's just try it out and record in frame we can change to to this so as you can see this is how it works it's pretty cool feature actually uh so yeah I can just go to app Theme and then you can just change it like that hope that is helpful

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