How to change color of NGL reply?

Do you want to spice up your Instagram stories with colorful replies? If yes, then you are in luck! It is super easy to change the color of your NGL reply on Instagram. Keep reading to find out how to do it!

First, open your Instagram story camera and take a photo or select one from your camera roll. Click on the sticker icon on the top of the screen and then select the "reply" sticker.

Now, when you tap on the "reply" sticker, you will see a color palette. Simply tap on the color that you want to use as your reply's background. Let's say you like the blue color, simply select it.

Once you have chosen your desired color, tap on the "reply" button and your reply will open up in the Instagram story camera. You will see the same blue color on your reply as you selected earlier from the color palette.

Voila! You have changed the color of your NGL reply on Instagram. Now, you can impress your followers with colorful and eye-catching replies.

But wait, there's more! You can even attach a different background to your reply. Simply tap on the camera icon and select the background that you want to use. You can either take a photo or choose one from your camera roll.

In summary, changing the color of your NGL reply and attaching different backgrounds on Instagram is simple and fun. Follow these steps and give your stories a unique touch!

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