How to change country code while signing up in Locket widget app?

so many users reporting then while creating an account in locate widget app there is some country code issue and like their phone number is not accepted that kind of the error message they are getting so when you set up my locket so for example if i add in like a like for example danish number i don't need to add like you know be careful here i don't need to add another plus or like you know add in your full number with the country number so just erase all of that if you're in us just add plus one this is how and then the flag will automatically change and then you will be able to add like a us phone number uh and in the right format so it automatically formats your number and it is possible to change your country code i understand why there is an issue for some people because if you tap on the flag it doesn't change like in a lot of apps to change the country code you tap on the flag and then you see the list of countries you select like belgium or canada uk and then you enter your phone number without country code here you need manually to add plus 44 and then for example this is uk number so that's that um that's how it works um [Music] yep so just be careful to do that and only that your number will be accepted because for some reason this is an issue for many users they leave reviews on the app store page that you know they their phone number is not accepted and then the the button should be orange here and even after that there is some weird background verification sms verification text is not arriving here in location so there you have it at least that hope it is helpful

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