How to change handle in Bluesky Social app?

there is blue sky and how to change the handle so yep you can change your handle um and then go to your account go to settings and from here you can just tap change handle uh so there you have it change my handle and then yeah you can just do it I don't know how many times you can change it and all of that um but yeah you can just do it or there is the feature where you can add your own domain so if you own your own website your personal website your blog your company site the one thing you just need to do is just change a DNS records just easily with your provider so that's just you can add it like that so you just add add product with ADD Proto it means add protocol which like which is a back-end flow Blue Sky app just add this txt record in your DNS doesn't matter which your hosting with the GoDaddy name cheat whatever you can just ask their support and I just add it for you and then uh yeah uh you will have like a handle Alice at yeah it's it's a bit weird like for Twitter what does it mean exactly but yeah this is the same for this new decentralized social media apps the same you have on demos and on Blue Sky so it's a new thing that's how it's different from Twitter but yeah you can easily change your handle or you can add a handle with your own domain

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