How to change mic mode on iPhone camera?

hello everyone so in new iOS 16 if you open camera or if you open any app that uses your camera for example Snapchat and then if you go to your control center um because if you just swipe up then here you can see your microphone mode uh it's not you I can't see it because I'm just recording uh like screen recording but from there you can you will be able to change it to standard mode or anything like that so if you open any app so here you can see it in Snapchat uh so there's mic mode and then you can change this to standard voice isolation or white Spectrum so I think on your iPhones you can yeah change that a bit just as you are using a bit more professional microphone of course here it's not close like to to professional microphone but here you can just change mic mode if you if you're recording some videos or doing stuff like that so you can just do it yeah hope that's helpful

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