How to change offline banner in Kick streaming app?

In Geek streaming app, changing the offline banner is a simple process that can be done through the browser. This article will guide you through the steps required to customize your offline banner image on Kick, ensuring that it portrays your desired message during the two-minute window after ending your stream.

To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Kick streaming app and navigate to the settings section.
  2. Locate the profile information tab and click on it.
  3. Scroll down to find the option for the offline banner image.
  4. Ensure that your banner image meets the specified requirements. It should have a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio) and be less than 4 megabytes in size.
  5. If you have a personalized image that you would like to use, click on the "Upload" button to select and upload it from your device.
  6. Alternatively, if you prefer to use a default banner provided by the app, select the appropriate option from the available choices.
  7. Once you have made your selection or uploaded your image, save the changes.

It's important to note that if you want to change the main banner in your Kick streaming app, there may be additional requirements and limitations. However, the app provides a variety of ready-to-use banner images for your convenience.

Please bear in mind that at the time of writing this article, the option to change the offline banner image is only available in the browser version of the Geek streaming app. The app settings tab is not yet equipped with this feature.

By following these steps, you can personalize your Kick streaming app and make it more distinctive by setting a customized offline banner image.

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