How to change handle/username?

can you change post news handle so you can only do it if you go to your intercom to their support intercom it may take some time for us to respond to these request as our team is working day and night to improve the product and roll out new features for us all we know that your avatar is an important part of your identity and posting greatly appreciate your passions so just go to support section and search for change post handle and then there is like a Google doc form because you can only do it when you create your account that's easy to change your username and set your username otherwise it's not possible so what you need to add include the link to your post profile please provide the email that Associated confirm your card and post handle here and then please enter what you would like your new handle to be within the guidelines below include only letters upper lower case numbers underscores no special characters so dashes must contain at least 6 characters

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