How to change profile picture in Damus app?

here's damos app how to change your profile pictures here so just tap on your profile in top left go to your profile tab tap on edit button and then here you have profile picture and then you have Banner image so you just need to upload it to some other service and then just insert a link to it because damos app is kind of decentralized and it's just based on Master protocol as I understand it's yeah that's why it's pretty complicated to upload any image somewhere uh so yeah um so that's why you just need to include a link to an image which is already hosted somewhere so you can kind of upload it to demo servers because damos is basically just like a front end for this social media so uh yeah just upload it I guess either like to Google Drive if you have it and then share a link uh or you can maybe upload it to Dropbox or any other service and then just share the link to your PNG file or gpac file and you have your profile picture and then you also have your banner image uh uh yeah which you can upload here and then it will be changed I didn't do it yet I just changed my username so yeah that's basically it

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